Welcome to Old Hat Sports Branding, where we like logos so much, our owner is considering changing his name from Zac Logsdon to Zac Logo's Done.

Having been in business for more than 347,126,186 seconds, we have the experience necessary to create the perfect mark(s) to exceed your needs. Our creative team is well versed in all areas of brand design including rebrands, logo refresh, brand support marks, venue and event logos, commemorative marks, organization logos, pictures of cats, internet memes, that one crazy looking scientist guy, and more.

Have a specific idea in mind for your new look? Thinking about changing the wardrobe? Maybe a new hat? New hairstyle? Are cats popular where you are? Awesome. We’ll successfully take that idea and do something amazing with it. Wait, are cats really popular there? Ok, good. Why are we talking about cats?

No idea what you need? That’s ok too. Our team is ready to guide you along each step in the process to ensure the completed design is single greatest thing you've ever laid eyes on. An added bonus to you...we are as convenient as a toilet in a town car. Our parent company, Old Hat Creative, has the ability take care of any of your other creative needs to support your logo’s launch such as print materials like brochures, posters or merchandise design, environmental graphics, web design and programming, video production and much more. Heck, we can even advise you on that new hairstyle you're looking for (Zac's haircut is always quite cutting edge.)