The Alabama Freebirds: Southern American Rock Meets Fowl

When we decided to launch Old Hat Sports Branding, we wanted to challenge our branding design team with a project that stretched their creativity. Our idea: design complete logo sets for our own fictional league of baseball teams. Some designs really push the envelope and others are much more traditional-looking. So there is truly something for everyone. Except non-sports fans. We don't care about you.

The results of their efforts will be featured over the next several weeks on Old Hat Sports Branding. First up, the Alabama Freebirds.

Mark this down as one of our more "outside the box" logos. Featuring a rooster we affectionately call "Lynyrd" wearing aviators. Why aviators? Because he looked stupid in wayfarers. And yes, we realize that an eagle may have been a more "American" choice than a rooster. But we don't believe in taking the easy way out around here.

Jared says:
“Geoff, one of our print designers, actually thought of this name. It's a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the songs 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Freebird'. I mean...obviously."

Here is the complete set of marks.



Word Marks

Mascot Marks

We didn't stop at logos. We even designed mock-ups of basic jersey/hat combinations.




Jared says: "When designing a logo for a rebrand, it’s important to us to consider how it looks on apparel. The colors and logo should be something that players and fans are proud to wear. It's also fun to see what unique touches can be added. Here, for the Alabama Freebirds alternate jersey, I was inspired by the Alabama state flag, which features a red “x” across the width of the flag.”

More to come from this project. Next up, an ode to one of the most underrated movies ever. At least in our opinion.