Amazing Argonauts

Old Hat Sports Branding recently had the opportunity to create a commemorative logo for the University of West Florida's Inaugural Football Season (to begin in fall of 2016). We were psyched about this for several reasons. First, because of the great people at UWF athletics, including our main contact, Tony. Second, UWF has an awesome color scheme. And third, we think an "Argonaut" is a pretty sweet mascot. All of these factors combined with the design expertise of our Director of Branding, Jared Stanley, made an inaugural logo that fits perfectly with the Argo brand.

After throwing around several initial looks, this shield-like mark, featuring the bust of Argie the Argonaut, was decided upon. Like usual, we provided the logo on several different colored backgrounds for a variety of looks and even included black and white only options for the Argonauts, so they were covered for any media, promotional or merchandise need that may arise.

Tony Nguyen, Associate Athletic Director at the University of West Florida says, "Pensacola is excited about the inaugural season for the University of West Florida football team in 2016. We wanted a look that could match that excitement and build on it even more. The inaugural season logo created by Old Hat Sports Branding provides us with many options to help our fans, alumni and students show how much they're looking forward to supporting UWF football."