Behind the Design: The Making of Two Kids Club Logos

Old Hat Sports Branding has had the pleasure of designing several marks for our clients' Kids Club organizations.
In our experience, it's typical for a Kids Club Logo to feature the school mascot. If so, we'll need to first create an illustration of the mascot. These illustrations are usually designed to be extremely kid friendly. Our designer will create several sketches, and we'll submit them to our client for feedback. These were sketches created for Yale's Kids Club, "Boola's Kids Club". We used the photo of Boola for inspiration, and came up with three options for Yale.

Yale felt we hit the mark, and chose the second sketch. Our designer then created digital art based on the sketch and added the name of the Kids Club, creating what is now the organization's primary logo.

The logo was so well received that we actually used the design concept for event logos we created for Yale's "Yale Up" event.

Sometimes, a client is unsure of the exact direction for their logo. In these cases, we may submit several different sketches with a variety of looks to help inspire the design process. For Notre Dame, we submitted four completely different sketches, one featuring a shamrock, another with a top hat, and two different versions of a leprechaun.

After viewing the sketches, Notre Dame elected to feature the shamrock for their logo, and our designer created digital art from the original sketch.

Old Hat Creative has since utilized this logo to create brochures, direct mail pieces, birthday cards, t-shirt designs and more.

If you are in need of a new logo for your kids club, view more of our work here and contact us for a quote!