A Cold Weather Team

When the Anchorage city council contacted us (they didn’t) to come up with a name and logo for their new minor league baseball team (not really), we immediately thought of a snow leopard (this might not be true, either).

But seriously, we did have a sketch of a panther that we thought if changed it up a bit, could make a cool looking leopard. But we had a problem. In our eyes, leopard print looks amazing on Steven Tyler's rock 'n' roll pants, but it's not a great fit for a baseball team. So we agreed a snow leopard and the light-colored palette that mascot offered would be much better. Also, just so we're clear, we realize that snow leopards aren't roaming around Alaska. It's just that when we think of cold, we think of Alaska. And maybe they have a snow leopard at their zoo or something. The team could even hire it to make appearances at home games!

The color scheme is light blue, grey, and white. Blue, because we saw a really cool photo of a snow leopard with piercing blue eyes. It may have been enhanced by photoshop, who knows? The light color scheme makes for a cool combination, but we are recommending that the players try to avoid sliding as these uniforms will stain pretty badly.

Here is the complete set of marks for the Anchorage Snow Leopards:



Mascot Marks

Alternate Mark

And the uniforms:




More coming next week!