Creating a Cyanocitta cristata aren't up with your species names? Alright. We created a Blue Jay logo. But why?

The Blue Jay is known for being noisy, bold, aggressive, highly curious and intelligent, which makes it a great choice for an athletic team, no matter the sport. A large number of teams around the country have birds for mascots, and let's be honest, the Blue Jay isn't exactly something that's never been seen. So really, Old Hat Sports Branding's challenge was to present this "normal and traditional" animal, found all across the United States and Canada, but in an elevated way.

We feel this was achieved mostly through the secondary mark. Jared, Director of Branding, says, “For that mark, I worked to make the feathers on the “C” mimic the way they look on a Bluejay’s head.”

We tried a few different things with this logo, including offering an alternate "C" logo that reads much more on the collegiate side. We could see this logo set working for a minor league professional team who wants a more traditional feel to their logo or a college team looking for a logo refresh.

Here's the entire set of marks.



Word Marks

Mascot Mark

Alternate "C"

The uniform combinations we came up with feature a sharp black for the home set, traditional road greys and our second pinstripe offering for the alternate combo.




Read more about the Cooperville Jays by clicking here.

We hope you're enjoying these logo offerings. Next week we'll present a vintage-style logo based on a baseball poem as well as a logo that we feel really pushes the envelope.