The Dark Side of Nantucket

What do you think of when you think of Nantucket?

The beach? Lighthouses? A vacation destination for rich people? The television show Wings?

It's possible that something may be a with our designers, because apparently they think of night and darkness. Or maybe they are just fans of alliteration. Either way, they came up with the name, "Nantucket Nighthawks" and illustrated a bird, wings outstretched and clutching a baseball bat. They utilized a color palette of navy, blue and grey. It's sleek and leans towards the traditional side as far as a team name and mascot is concerned.

For this team, six total logos were developed, including three wordmarks. Here's the full set:

Primary Mark

Secondary Mark

Word Marks

Mascot Mark

And the uniform combinations:




Next week we will debut two more logo sets. To view all of our released rebrands, please click here.