A fish...or a baseball term? How about both!

When we began discussing this logo series, we had a lot of ideas. Llamas. Goats. 80's rock songs. Llamas. Tourist attractions. Movies. Cats. Llamas. Vegetables. Did I mention Llamas?

One thing we wrapped our heads around fairly quickly was creating a mark that involved some sort of fish or other marine life. Lots of current baseball teams have names or mascots related to ocean life, and we wanted to challenge ourselves to come up with something along those lines. But, we also had a desire to create a logo based on a baseball reference. Developing a complete set for a team called the "Catch" checked off both boxes. So, the Ocean City Catch was born. There are several cities in the U.S. named Ocean City. But the one in our minds is fictional, located right on the coast, with the baseball stadium right near the water. In fact, home run balls might land in the water with a satisfying splash.

We developed a friendly looking fish as the mascot and incorporated an ocean-inspired color scheme. Jared, Director of Branding, says, "For the Catch, I wanted to choose colors that conveyed the feeling of being at the beach. I choose a soft, almost pastel green and a blue which I think works pretty well."

Here is the complete logo set:



Mascot Mark

Word Marks

And the uniform combinations:



Alternate (our first offering on pinstripes)

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