The Hackensack Bulls: This is Just a Tribute.

It's not every day that an entire rebrand is based on a critically panned Richard Pryor movie from 1985.

Brewster’s Millions was actually a novel first, written in 1902. There have been something like ten movies made that take inspiration from this book (three alone in India - thank YOU But we are only concerned with one - the version featuring Pryor and John Candy. If you haven’t seen it, our Director of Branding, Jared, highly recommends you check it out. 38% of people on Rotten Tomatoes think it’s fresh. There's no way 38% of people can be wrong...right?

In the movie, Pryor plays a minor league baseball pitcher who stands to inherit 300 million dollars from a long lost relative with the condition that he spends 30 million in 30 days beforehand. Shenanigans occur. Lessons are learned. But the most important part of the movie, to us, is the name of the baseball team, the Hackensack Bulls.

In the movie, the team's colors are red and blue. But we changed it up to red and black and focused on the bulls' horns in the secondary mark as an homage to the Chicago Bulls. This set of marks plays on the more traditional side.

Here is the full set of logos:




Mascot Marks

And the uniform sets:




Coming next week: two more logo offerings of opposite styles featuring some lovely shades of blue and green.
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