A Look Back: Our First Rebrand

The year was 2009. Old Hat was still a fledgling company with only four employees. Michael Jackson died, Kanye interrupted Taylor, and America's sweethearts, Jon & Kate, split up. But more importantly, Kevin McNeill, who knew us from our work with Syracuse University, called Zac and asked if we could develop a complete logo set for Le Moyne College. And Zac, who has never said no to anything, happily welcomed the opportunity. This was Old Hat's first organizational rebrand, but fortunately, Kevin and Le Moyne trusted Old Hat to design something simple and sleek that would stand the test of time. Old Hat Sports Branding became a twinkle in Zac's eye.

Times have really changed. With the launch of Old Hat Sports Branding, we now have a separate division that deals exclusively in branding design. We're equipped to offer the most awesomest creative for any sports organization's branding needs, while providing the high level of customer service Old Hat is known for.

Kevin McNeill, Director of Sports Information at LeMoyne College Athletics (and People Magazine's 2009 Sexiest Man Alive) says, "We knew working with Old Hat on our first athletics brand would make a splash. Six years later, we know we made the right decision. As each year passes, we are able to further connect with our campus, alumni, fans and recruits with our identity system that is truly distinctive and unique to Le Moyne. Creating this brand with Old Hat has shown to be the most important marketing initiative we could have done!"

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