An ode to pine tar...and George Brett

Yankee Stadium. July 24, 1983. With two outs and his team trailing 4–3 in the top of the ninth, George Brett of the Kansas City Royals connected on a fastball from Goose Gossage, hitting a 2-run homer to give his team the lead. Immediately after, Yankees manager Billy Martin emerged from the dugout and asked the umpires to inspect Brett's bat. The umpires ruled that Brett had an amount of pine tar on his bat that exceeded the limit allowed by rule. He was called out. The game ended with a Yankees win. And George Brett absolutely lost it.

Most know how it ends. The Royals successfully protested. It was ruled that the game would be restarted, nearly a month later, at the point of Brett’s home run. The Royals ended up winning the game, 5-4.

We remembered the incident and thought it would be killer to have a team called the Pine Tar. So once that was decided, we went in search of a town to place the team. As a tribute to George Brett, we decided to base the team in the town where he went to high school: El Segundo, California. It all came together in what is Zac’s personal favorite rebrand, from the colors to the tar-written lettering, to the pine tree mascot holding a bat covered with pine tar.

Here is our complete set of logos:



Tar P

Mascot Only

Word Marks

And the uniforms:




We’re confident that this team will stick around for a long time. Get it?!