One for the Gamers

This logo is interesting. It's kind of a 1970's throwback logo in color and style, but the name is derived from a video game. As one of my former professors would say, "very postmodern".

The Maui Lava Bats came out of our illustrator’s desire to draw a lava bat. Here’s the thing about lava bats though: there’s really no such thing. There’s some game called Terraria in which there exists a lava bat that is, “a hard mode bat that resides in the Underworld.” The Terraria wiki also states that lava bats will not spawn until you "defeat a mechanical boss." Rest assured, we have no idea what that means. But just because lava bats aren’t real doesn’t mean the Maui Lava Bats aren’t real (except for that they aren’t).

Our favorite part of this rebrand is that the color scheme is maroon and persimmon. Not because we like those colors all that much. But because “persimmon” is fun to say. It might be the most fun of all the colors but is without-a-doubt the most fun of all the shades of orange. In fact, we’re considering taking a cue from Syracuse and creating a team just called The Persimmon. The great ideas just keep coming...

Here is the complete logo set for the Maui Lava Bats:


Word Marks

Mascot Only

And the uniform combinations:




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