One Hell of a Logo!

Peak Sports Management came to us looking for a logo to represent the new Frisco College Baseball Classic Tournament. On their wish list? A logo that incorporated the spirit of Texas but also epitomized baseball. Jared Stanley, Director of Old Hat Sports Branding, took inspiration from the stitching on a cowboy boot when creating this logo. The lovely shade of green used in the design not only is complimentary to baseball in general, but it's also the primary color of the Peak Sports Management organization.

Ryan Holloway, President of Peak Sports MGMT says, "We recently created what we feel will be the best baseball tournament outside of the College World Series. With that being said, we needed to develop a top-notch logo to go with our top-notch baseball tournament, the Frisco College Baseball Classic. We looked nowhere else than Old Hat Creative because of what they have done with top level athletic departments and events around the country. Working with the OH team is not only fun but also easy. They take your initial idea, ask a ton of questions, offer suggestions and then hell of a logo!"

In addition to the Frisco College Baseball Classic event mark, Old Hat Sports Branding created a full set of business logos for Peak Sports Management.

Primary Mark

Secondary Mark

Word Marks

Thank you, Peak Sports MGMT, for being a loyal client of Old Hat Sports Branding!