Visual Poetry: The Mudville Nines

“But there is no joy in Mudville -- mighty Casey has struck out.” This is the final line from the classic poem, "Casey at the Bat," by Ernest Thayer. A disappointing way to end a poem, but it was a fun inspiration for the creation of our latest logo set.

In the poem, the team is called the Mudville Nine. But we thought changing the name to the “Nines” really rolled off the tongue. The color brown was chosen to reinforce the idea of "mud". And red was picked as the complimentary color because we thought that brown alone was not likely something that would be popular choice for fans.

Jared, our Director of Branding, decided to play around with the time period in the style guide he created. Jared says, "Since the poem is set in 1888, I went with a handlebar mustache for the players and pill box baseball hats as standard issue for the uniforms."

Here is the full set of logos for the Mudville Nines.

Primary "M" Logo

Secondary Logo


And a better look at the uniforms:




Next up for Old Hat Sports Branding, an alliterated team name with a dark look.