Why Old Hat Sports Branding? A Letter from our Creative Director.

When Old Hat first began more than 11 years ago, we didn’t do many logos. Why? Because I was our only designer and I wasn’t very good at them. But over the years, we’ve hired numerous branding experts that can churn out amazing logos lickety-split and fortunately, our clients have responded by inundating us with branding work. We’ve gotten so good at them that I’m considering changing my last name from “Logsdon” to “Logo’s Done.”

So, while most of our clients know that we have a stellar branding division, that’s something that we’ve struggled to communicate to those outside our inner circle. If you go to our website, there’s a whole branding section with a plethora of logos featured. But you find them among hundreds of videos, animations, posters, websites, etc. and sometimes they’re easy to overlook. Typically when an athletics organization chooses a company to do a rebrand or a logo for them, they look to a company that specializes in branding. And we understand that line of thinking.

Therefore, we decided to launch a company that specializes in branding. Let me introduce Old Hat Sports Branding. A division of Old Hat Creative, certainly, but also a separate entity that deals entirely in branding. Old Hat Sports Branding is out to establish itself as the preeminent firm for athletics branding, the same way Old Hat Creative did so with other forms of athletics marketing and creative.

You need an event logo? Done. You need venue marks? Got it. You need brand support logos? Yup, we do those too. And the most fun and exciting… athletics rebrands. Need a new logo for your university or sports team? We’ve done plenty of those as well.

What sets Old Hat Sports Branding apart from other branding firms is two-fold. First, you get the amazing customer service that Old Hat is known for. Always on time, always available, and always willing to bend over backwards to do what our clients want. Second, since Old Hat Sports Branding is owned by Old Hat Creative, you have access to a creative team that can take your new logo and create support materials for every other form of media. A 3D animation of your new logo for your video board. Print collateral templates for all of your team posters. A website highlighting the process of creating your new marks. A video to unveil your mark. A marketing plan for its release. The list goes on and on.

Please check out the Old Hat Sports Branding website and contact us soon. We'll get rolling on a project for you.

Zac Logo's Done
Owner/Creative Director
Old Hat Sports Branding